Finding Home in a Classroom

“I’ve been to church,
I’ve read the book,
I know He’s there,
But I don’t look,
near as often as I should,
His fingerprints are everywhere,
I just look down and stop and stare,
open my eyes and then I swear,
I Saw God Today

These lyrics are from the famous George Strait song, “I Saw God Today”.  They are simple- yet true.

This song popped into my head a few weeks ago as I was leaving LUREC.  I was there to attend the CATH 296 “Ignatian Spirituality” class retreat.

To be honest, prior to taking this class, I did not know that much about Ignatian Spirituality.  I knew it existed, I was just unaware of its depth. This class has opened my mind up to all things Ignatian and so much more.  This class has allowed me to find the missing piece of the puzzle to my Loyola Experience.  It encompasses every great part of Jesuit education AND there is a retreat that is part of the class and it puts the bow on the gift that is CATH 296.

I’ve grown up in Catholic Education my whole life. In high school, the retreats I attended enhanced my experience far more than I ever could have imagined.  When Dr. Murphy mentioned that this class had that retreat piece, I was beyond excited.  The best part of the retreat experience is that after the retreat ends, you still are able to share in special moments with your classmates each week.  It’s your own Ignatian family and honestly it is the best type of family you could ask for.

So now, to George Strait. I think these stanzas do a great job at summarizing up this class and my experience in it so far.  As college students, I think the Ignatian value of “Finding God in All Things” is one many struggle with.  It is hard to find where God is in our lives after we have had a rough day of class. It’s hard to find where God is in our lives after we don’t do too great on a midterm.  It’s hard to find where God is in our lives when we are having a hard time seeing eye- to-eye with a loved one. Maybe you have gone to church, read the book, and realized that God is present but you don’t know how to let him in. This class allows you to do that. It allows you to open your eyes and see God.  It allows to take time and reflect. To find God in parts of life that you may never have expected to be able to. To find God where you didn’t think you could. The best part is, the material is not taught like a regular college course.  Rather, it is handed to you and you get to interpret it in whichever way you want to.  It’s enhanced by strong discussions with classmates that provide interesting perspectives. It is also enhanced with activities that allow you to reflect on where God is in your life.  I don’t want to spoil all of its greatness, so I’ll end with a quote Father Murphy said on our retreat:

“When you are fully known and loved, you are home”

Find where you are fully known. Find where you are fully loved. Find God in All Things. Find that place…

…and call it home.

The Fall 2015, All Things Ignatian Class on Retreat
The Fall 2015, All Things Ignatian Class on Retreat

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